Sunday, 11 November 2018

Math and Language Update!

We have been working on Multiplication strategies the last few weeks and are now moving on to Division strategies.  Ask your child what strategy works best for them!
Here are some examples of Multiplication Strategies.
Image result for Multiplication strategies

Gr. 5 Expectations for Multiplication and Division
- multiply two-digit whole numbers by two-digit whole numbers, using estimation, student-generated algorithms,and standard algorithms;
– divide three-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole numbers, using concrete materials, estimation, student-generated algorithms,and standard algorithms;

Gr.6 Expectations for Multiplication and Division
- solve problems involving the multiplication and division of whole numbers (four digit by two-digit), using a variety of tools (e.g., concrete materials, drawings, calculators) and strategies (e.g., estimation, algorithms);

In Language, the students have been working really hard on researching an inspirational person under the age of 30 to highlight the positive impact young people can have in our world.  We will be finishing up the oral presentations this week.

We will begin exploring book reviews this week through videos and discussion, in order to describe what the characteristics of book reviews are.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Math Assessment

Gr.5 Assessment Review

Representing Numbers  
  • Expanded Form (100 000+40 000+5000+800+90+7)
  • Word Form (One hundred forty-five thousand eight hundred ninety-seven)
  • Standard Form  (145 897)
  • Base 10 Blocks
Rounding and Estimating
  • To the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands
345 639
Tens - 345 640
Hundreds - 345 600
Thousands - 346 000
Ten thousands - 350 000
Hundred thousands - 300 000
Addition and Subtraction

  • Estimating Sums and Differences  324 + 789 is about 300 + 800 = 1100
  • Calculating Sums and Differences
  • Addition and Subtraction Problem Solving
Gr.6 Quiz Review

- Multiples and Common Multiples
- Factors
- Prime & Composite Numbers
- Problem Solving
- Estimating Sums and Differences
- Calculating Sums and Differences

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Terry Fox Run!

St. Gemma is once again going to participate in the Terry Fox run/walk. St. Gemma has raised an impressive total of $6,087.86 over 6 years. Last year the school raised $630.70. Our goal for this school year is going to be $800! This year we are offering online donation options. Please see the link below for the Terry Fox school fundraising page.

St. Gemma will also have 3 spirit days in the month of September to raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation. Students are invited to use cash online to make a donation. See Spirit Day link below. If we reach our goal of $800 Mr. Cinanni has happily agreed to get whip creamed with a cherry on top! There will also be fun classroom challenges.

Terry Fox School fundraising page:(click)

Our spirit days will be on the following dates:
  • Thursday September 13th : Crazy Hair Day
  • Thursday September 20th:  Spiffy Hat Day
  • Thursday September 27th: Wacky sock day (event day)

The Terry Fox event for this year is on Thursday September 27th.  The rain date will be on Friday September 28th. Our plan for the event day is to do the walk/run together as a whole school community. Parents are welcome to join us. The event will run from 2:30-3:30 pm.
Let’s keep Terry’s dream alive!

Who will you be running for?

First Week of School!

We have spent a lot of time establishing routines and laying out expectations in the last week.  On the first day, they took part in the Marshmallow Challenge.  Although many marshmallows toppled over, they demonstrated great teamwork and creative strategies.  We will continue with these types of challenges throughout the year.